Sponsors & Partners

Balkan Game Jam, as many volunteer events, relies entirely on the support of local companies, NGOs, interests groups and educational institutions.

The organisation of Balkan Game Jam is 100% volunteer based. We devote our free time to this project, because we believe in the cause of a female gamedev community across the Balkan countries.

That is why we need the helping hands of our sponsors & partners. The donations are entirely used for venue costs, secure and strong internet connection as well as supplying merchandise, drinks & snacks for the participants.

Our goals include:

  • fostering and encouraging cross border cooperation
  • creativity and fun
  • supporting our members if they want to pursue a career in the game industry.

We know that there are many girls and women who want to be a part of this industry, but they are not sure if they have the skills to work with game development. We are also fighting prejudice like “the industry is dominated by men” and “I need to be a programmer to be a game developer”.

We will try to give a safe space to all women and girls who want to try to make a game. Our strength is that we will support each other. Each team will have the chance to work together with a mentor, who will focus their effort and guide them forward.

We love to work with educational institutions – both public and private. We have long lasting collaboration with Universities and Academies in our countries. The game jam is the perfect opportunity to reach directly to future students and find out what skills and technologies are trending and in demand.

Balkan Game Jam 2022 is supported by

Why get involved

Talent attraction

You can gain access to a segment of the workforce that is generally hard to reach. We are building a broad community across the Balkan region.

Promote your company

Promote your products and services directly to a specialised audience of gamers / game developers. Hiring female employees will make your teams and products stronger and your company - a champion in diversity.

Media recognition

As part of Sofia Game Night, we get coverage and access to a huge number of media outlets that are specialised in games, e-sports and /or game development. We will also stream live from our event in Plovdiv.

Choose your contribution

Sponsor Package L

€ 1500

Sponsor Package M

€ 750

Sponsor Package S

€ 300

Free style package

We are open for your suggestions and ideas. You can decide to cover one of the many things we need to make the event happen instead of donating money. Contact us and we can discuss our future collaboration. Ideas for some contributions might be:

Join us

On our Discord server you can join other Balkan women who are interested in game development, get the latest updates from the organizers and make friends even before the jam.