Mentoring is a collaborative relationship between individuals focused on helping the mentee(s) work towards mutually defined learning goals. A mentor often uses different tools and plays different roles – a coach, an adviser, a role model. A mentor can act as a guide, who helps the mentee(s) successfully define and reach their goals.

Why is it important to have a mentor?

Taking into account the short timeframe of the Balkan Game Jam it is challenging for anyone to create a game within 24 hours, especially if they don’t have prior experience. The importance of the mentor falls upon facilitating the process, being there to bounce ideas off and using their own experience in the industry as guidance for the participants. The mentor is like an experienced study buddy – someone who has aced the test and is able to give out some tips & tricks and focus points to the newcomers.

What is the benefit for the mentor?

As a mentor in the event, you will have the opportunity to help a team of participants to structure and realise their idea. In this process, you will work upon skills such as leadership, communication, coordination, giving and receiving feedback. Mentors in the event will also receive a gift set along with the participants.

Balkan Game Jam: Women Edition is still a place to meet and expand the game development community, so have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Our mentors

Virginia Kirova

For the past 6 months, Virginia’s main focus has been the expansion of the Web3-based metaverse Momentum (developed by the Dutch non-profit organization Odyssey in partnership with Incineration Productions JSC) with the inclusion of more game-centric features, and also with the full restructuring of Odyssey to an Agile organization (with some Lean principles sprinkled on top). Virginia is currently leading multiple remote-first feature teams, operating from 7 EU countries + the UK and the Republic of South Africa.

Before her time in Incineration Productions, she was a game producer of the upcoming strategy game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign (Black Sea Games), event manager of Sofia Game Jam (2019 edition), and technology and gaming editor at the biggest Bulgarian tech media at the time – HiComm Magazine.

Interests: Plot/Storytelling, Professionally – all. Kinda have to 😀

Location: online

Maya Georgieva

Creative Director at CA Sofia.

With a diverse game design background built on the foundation of technical and visual skills and passion for games.

My current focus is in guiding creative teams to develop diverse set of projects and helping them navigate their individual challenges. I make strategy games and play almost everything.

Interests: Game Mechanics, Plot/Storytelling, Game design, UI/X

Location: online

Niki Lubomirov

Interests: Coding, Game Mechanics, Music and sound effects, Game design, VFX art

Location: Plovdiv

Alexander Bozhinov

“I’ve been jamming and creating small games for about a decade now. These days, I lead a wonderful team at Ubisoft Sofia, but I still remember the amount of effort and luck it took for me to enter the industry. That’s why, ever since it finally happened, my focus has been on making that journey easier for others. Feel free to get in touch with your questions!”

Interests: Coding, Game Mechanics

Location: online

Zamfir Yonchev

I work at Broadcom as a verification engineer but I have a passion for video games and game development.

I’ve participated in several game jams using a game engine that I’ve written in my spare time. I mainly program in C++ and consider myself something of an expert in the language.

InterestsCoding, Game Mechanics

Location: Plovdiv

Георги Чакъров

I have experience in mobile game development. The games I enjoy the most are turn-based and metroidvanias.

InterestsCoding, Game Mechanics

Location: Plovdiv

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