24-hour game jam

November 4-5th, 2022

Women edition

What is Balkan Game Jam?

Balkan Game Jam, Women edition is an initiative we are starting in order to create a network and enlarge the number of female game developers in the Balkans, as well as the countries surrounding the region.

We will talk, share our work, participate in and create events together, and hopefully work together and meet in person.

Since we would like to see people coming from all counties and backgrounds, we encourage you to invite girls and women that you know in this industry to join the server.

If you are still wondering what a game jam is, you are welcome to visit globalgamejam.org and see the videos and read more about game jams.

Where can I jam?

The first Balkan Game Jam is a hybrid event. We are jamming online and in person, where possible, at different physical locations on the Balkans.

Discord server

This is the main channel/location for the event. Our goal is to create a networking place for women interested in game development. Also after the event. All the participants must join the server and all teams, both on Discord and in-person from Plovdiv, will be registered there.


We will hold an in-person event in Plovdiv, as part of Sofia Game Night. We are happy to have the Technical University as our partner and host location. Please register, if you would like to participate from the Technical University in Plovdiv. We are following the corona situation, so we can act accordingly.


The event in Scopje is organized by the Macedonian Game Developers Association - MAGDA. Participants in Macedonia will jam online, on the Discord server.


We are inviting other Balkan countries to join us - online, with physical event or hybrid. Share the event in your network and help us grow.The more countries that join, the better.

Who can join?

The Balkan Game Jam, Women edition event and network is targeting women, who want to enter the game development industry or want to grow their network and find new friends with similar interests


No matter if you are experienced in game development, if you are a student or if you just want to change career – you are welcome to join us. Experience the whole process of game development in 24 hours and meet other women who want to learn, create and have fun.

Youth, under 18

We have an age limit for participants, which is 18 years. But we also want to include and inspire the young generation. If you are under 18, you have to have a legal guardian with you at the event or a signed letter from them.

everybody else

We would like to be as inclusive as possible, even though we are targeting primarily women. Diversity makes us stronger. So, if you would like to jam with us, you are quite welcome, if you bring one female friend to the event with you. 🙂

Program details

Balkan Game Jam, women edition is a 24-hour hackathon for women.

We will meet on Friday afternoon, at 18.00h and share the jam’s theme that everyone can use for their game prototype. Then we will form the groups/teams from all the participants. Groups must have 2 to 6 participants. All the groups will be registered in Discord and get their own channel/room there. All teams can start working on the prototype from Friday evening.

Saturday, the 5th of November we will work on the games all day. The deadline for finishing the projects and getting ready for the games presentations is at 20.00h. We are planning to have mentors for each group, as the jam is short and it’s the best way to learn and share knowledge.

We will all gather at the Discord voice channel at 20.00 where each group will have 5 min to present their project and demo the prototype. The presentations are open to everyone on the Discord server, not only the participants.

After all the presentations, the audience will have the chance to vote and choose the best game for 2022.

Meet the volunteers

We are a team of volunteers, that have experience with organizing other events - Global Game Jam, Coding Girls, She in Plovdiv. We also participate actively in different organizations, comunities and NGOs.

Victoria Gastón

Event coordinator​, Coding Girls

Elena Lulcheva

Event coordinator/organiser, She in Plovdiv

Daniela Spasovska

Event coordinator, Skopje Branch - MAGDA

Kremena Dimitrova

Event coordinator

Join us

On our Discord server you can join other Balkan women who are interested in game development, get the latest updates from the organizers and make friends even before the jam.